Woodland Bats with Advanced Bat Survey Techniques

The Woodland Bats with Advanced Bat Survey Techniques course is aimed at enthusiastic bat workers, professional ecologists and arborists, to practically introduce participants to a range of different advanced bat survey techniques, including woodland and tree bats species.

This course is an amalgamation of content within the Bats in Woodland courses which we have run for several years and the Advanced Bat Survey Techniques course run at Stourhead 2011 – 2016.


This course will build on understanding gained on other more basic courses, or act as an in depth introduction for those with limited experience. Presentation content and practical survey methods will include:

  • Tree and woodland assessment
  • Use of endoscopes
  • Passive and mobile acoustic monitoring
  • Trapping with mist nets and harp traps
  • In hand ID
  • Radio tagging and tracking
  • Survey techniques
  • Random point sample surveying
  • Previous studies by radio tracking and bat detector surveys

Experience gained during the course will count as CIEEM CPD and contribute to bat handling licenses. Accommodation will be provided in local B&B’s and classroom sessions will be at Stourhead, evening meals in one of the local pubs. Accommodation in double (for couples), twin or single rooms, a supplement will be payable to guarantee a single room.

Contact Geoff for further details and to book your place when dates are announced for the next course in 2017.