Bridges and Tunnels

Geoff Billington and his company, GreenaEco, carried out extensive surveys and devised strategies for mitigation for a very large scale bridge strengthening program which was planned in Cumbria, which encompassed surveying 2,500 bridges. This remains the largest survey of bridges for bats ever carried out in the UK.

Bridges are surveyed by GreenaEco using a variety of techniques according to the situation, including fibre scopes or video fibre scopes, with access for inspection varying from boat access, climbing with ropes and harness or using a cherry picker where appropriate.

Emergence surveys are carried out using trained bat workers with high quality bat detectors, such as the Anabat SD1, Pettersson D240X Pettersson D1000x, and Bat Box Duet, using recording devices. We then carry out our own post survey computer analysis. These emergence surveys are designed to ascertain species and numbers of bats present, so that adequate and suitable mitigation can be designed accordingly.


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