Road Schemes

When a road scheme is in the planning stages, however large or small, it is always necessary to take into account at an early stage the potential impact it may have on any European Protected Species which may be present. GreenaEco work closely with the various Highways Authorities and local County Councils to devise suitable surveys accordingly. County Councils and Highways Authorities must obtain robust data in order to ensure that road schemes can be constructed on schedule. If a road scheme is likely to be contentious in any way, it is of particular importance that the data gathered is adequately robust and comprehensive in order to stand up to the ensuing likely public enquiries.

As part of new road schemes or road widening schemes, Greena Ecological Consultancy devises and carries out bat detector surveys, both as transects and as static monitoring surveys as appropriate. GreenaEco are highly experienced with devising fixed and walked transects, which are often an essential component of gathering data in order to make accurate baseline assessments of bat activity and species present, both prior to work taking place and to monitor the effectiveness of post installation mitigation. GreenaEco are one of the few consultancies within the UK to carry out bat casualty surveys, revealing successes of mitigation and improving on the level of future mitigation devised.


We prefer to have people on site to carry out the majority of static monitoring, as we believe that unmanned bat detector monitoring alone often produces inconclusive data which is often inadequate to fulfil planning requirements. Unmanned detector surveys and data loggers, however are used in certain instances where appropriate, eg. for long term monitoring of roosts, or monitoring of specific relatively enclosed small spaces.

We always use high quality equipment, appropriate for the regional species present, such as the Pettersson D240X, Pettersson D1000 Batbox Duet, Anabat SD1, and the new EcoObs Batcorder, using trained and experienced staff.

Radio-tracking bats is a professional speciality of Greena Ecological Consultancy. Radio-tracking is often essential for many road schemes as it is a more reliable method of ascertaining where bats are crossing roads prior to work being carried out. This is crucial information to ensure that adequate mitigation can be be devised. When installing lighting, data gathered by radio tracking is again essential in order to devise a suitable lighting scheme. Please look at the Radio Tracking page for further details.


Geoff Billington and Green Eco are recognised experts with experience surveying bridges of all kinds. The bridges can be accessed and surveyed by a variety of techniques, including use of fibre scopes and video fibre scopes where appropriate.


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