Geoff Billington – MIEEM, Principal Ecologist and Director

Geoff Billington is a very experienced, respected and conscientious consultant and he is one of a few Registered Consultants with Natural England for the new Low Impact EPS Mitigation Licences. Geoff leads a team of professional bat specialist ecologists at GreenaEco.

He has been working as a professional bat consultant for over 20 years with considerable experience in high profile and/or contentious bat surveys, advising both the Welsh Assembly and Gwyneth Councils and working with both Cumbria and Kent Council bridge engineers. He has experience designing mitigation for many complex schemes in various locations throughout the UK, satisfying Natural England requirements and providing an effective yet cost effective solution for both developers and bats.

Projects have included many large road schemes, woodland issues, surveying complex undergrounds sites, and many large scale road schemes and housing developments.

Geoff is highly respected within the industry for his level of experience with radio tracking of all species of bats and his project management skills. He is especially competent with many of the more difficult bat species in challenging locations.

He has also been used as an expert witness at public enquiries and can be relied upon to provide a conscientious and accurately succinct delivery.

Geoff’s qualifications are as follows:

  • Registered Consultant with Natural England for issuing Low Impact EPS Licences
  • Confined space access
  • Tree climbing
  • Boat handling (required for some difficult access sites)
  • Current bat licence level 1, 2, 3 and 4 and a current ringing licence
  • Roost visitor trainer
  • Level 2 Bats in Churches Licence


Jacqueline Billington – Senior Ecologist

Jacquie has been working with Greena Ecological Consultancy since October 2005, but started working with bats in 1978, initially as a hobby but since 1999 it has been her profession. She has extensive experience of radio tracking bats in UK, undertaking numerous tracking studies since joining Greena Ecological Consultancy.

She is joint author of “The Use of Church Porches by Bats” P.W. Richardson, J. Brown (maiden name,) and I. Flinders, Journal of Zoology 200(2) pp292 – 295 (published in 1983 and then made available online in 2009). In this study, 285 church porches were investigated in Northamptonshire during May – September in 1981 and assessed for bat usage and presence.

In 2009 Jacqueline received a European Green Apple Gold Award for her part as bat mitigation advisor and consultant, creating a highly successful mitigation scheme in 2005/6 for a very large lesser horseshoe roost in a grade II Listed council-owned building in Bristol.

Jacqueline’s qualifications are as follows:

  • Further Adult Education Teaching Certificate
  • Confined space access
  • Boat handling (required for some difficult access sites)
  • Current bat licence (level 1, 2, 3 and 4)
  • Roost visitor trainer