About Us

Greena Ecological Consultancy was founded in 1997 by Geoff Billington, specialising in high quality data gathering and report writing for bat survey work.

Suitably qualified and experienced teams can be gathered to conduct surveys ranging from a barn conversion to a full radio tracking program as part of an environmental impact assessment. GreenaEco uses field workers with specific bat knowledge to ensure high quality data gathering, using a range of the latest equipment including bat detectors such as Pettersson D240X, Pettersson D1000X, Bat box Duet, Anabat SD1 and the EcoObs Batcorder. We record calls using both frequency division and time expansion and we carry out our own computer sound analysis.

Greena Ecological Consultancy  do not use volunteer or unpaid staff or students to conduct surveys and this is to ensure that we maintain high standards. When extra staff are necessary, they are carefully selected for their level of knowledge, ability and experience suitable for the task required and which we think that is especially important for radio tracking projects.